Appointment and Induction Process

Appointment process for new adult members


The purpose of the appointment process is to ensure that all those adults that the Movement accepts as volunteers:-

  • Are fit and proper persons to volunteer with The Scout Association;
  • Are appropriate for the roles they are undertaking;
  • Fully accept the responsibilities of the roles and, where appropriate, the responsibilities of membership of The Scout Association


The appointment process must be run so that:

  • The applicant feels welcomed and not threatened by the appointment process;
  • The applicant is kept informed of progress through the appointment process;
  • The Association has robust assurance of appointing only appropriate people;
  • The applicant takes a role that is appropriate to his/her skills, knowledge and attitude.


  1. Agreement of role with line manager and discussion about Scouting and its key policies
  2. Obtain appropriate form (including yellow card) from Chris Jay.
    (Please destroy any older versions of the forms that you may have.)
  3. Completion of application form, GSL to assist in completing the form and to witness forms of ID (although any Leader may do this)
  4. For AA forms, applicant to supply NI number, 2 forms of ID, the names and addresses of 2 referees and have asked their permission to do so.
  5. Return appropriate form to Chris Jay
  6. Record created on (if required)
  7. CRB/DBS Disclosure will be applied for (if required)
  8. Referees will be requested to fill in form RF in Paper or online at
  9. Pre-provisional appointment.


In any order:

  • Completion of a Disclosure check
  • Return of at least two references
  • A meeting with the Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Approval from relevant Commissioner

When these stages have been completed, you will receive your provisional appointment and Welcome Pack from HQ at Gilwell.


  1. Training Advisor gets in touch and arranges meeting.
  2. Completion of Getting Started training within five months
  3. Full appointment
  4. Appointment card sent to you and appointment certificate presented locally


Induction starts immediately and goes on throughout the whole process.

  • Section/Unit responsibility:
    • Allocated buddy
    • Provide Necker and Badges (where relevant)
    • Ensure included and understand existing skills
    • Ensure understand with their commitment is.
    • Do not overwhelm
    • Involve in Programme Planning
  • Group (GSL/DESC) responsibility:
    • Provide checklist of “need to know” info
    • GSL introduces self and makes available
    • GSL introduces to rest of group
    • Provide uniform (group appointments)
    • Do not overwhelm
  • District responsibility:
    • Add to communications distribution lists
    • Send welcome letter
    • Provide Uniform (district appoints)
    • Do not overwhelm
Within 4 Weeks:
  • District responsibility:
    • Visit by DC/DDC/ADC/ DESC
    • LTM to allocate training advisor
    • ADC section aware of new leader
  • Group (GSL/DESC) responsibility:
    • GSL Chases for visits to other Groups
    • GSL to review contentedness
  • District responsibility:
    • Ensure opportunity to get involved in District events
    • Provide opportunity to visit other Groups
Provisional role attained:

For group appoints:

  • Group (GSL/DESC) responsibility:
    • Ensure Modules 1/2/3 and enquiries complete
    • Safeguarding Training
    • First Aid Training
    • GSL to invest

For district appoints:

  • District responsibility:
    • LTM Ensure Modules 1/2/4 and enquiries complete
    • Safeguarding Training
    • First Aid Training
    • DC to invest

Guides to training are available at

Module and safeguarding training can be booked on the wyscouts website  (select the link “book your training online”).