Managing communications at all Scout activities and events

InTouch is the system used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. It is flexible to allow those organizing events to implement a system best suited to their particular circumstances

Whenever any activity or event is run within Scouting it is a requirement that an InTouch system is in place (POR 9.3). This is to ensure; everyone involved is aware of how communication will take place between Leaders, participants and those not on the event, there are details of who is present should anything go wrong, and there is a system in place in the event of an emergency

There are a number of resources available to support InTouch, all of which can be found at

Factsheet 120075 includes a step-by-step approach guiding you through the process of setting up an InTouch system as well further guidance on areas and issues to look at within this and suggestions on how these can be managed

InTouch Checklist

This checklist is available to help Leaders in setting up their InTouch system for any events / meetings.

There is no requirement to use this checklist and no one will need to see this, to check the system in place.

It is simply a tool for Leaders if they wish to use it.

  • Decide how Leaders will communicate with parents
  • Decide how parents will communicate with Leaders
  • Decide how participants and responsible (but not present) Leaders will communicate
  • Decide how participants and parents will communicate
  • Confirm communication between Leaders and Commissioners in the event of an emergency
  • A “home contact” is only compulsory for international trips.

Don’t forget that Adults and Youth information should be made available to any third party contact you may use.