Accident Procedure

Procedure in the event of an accident during Scout activities

Where an accident results in treatment by a doctor, dentist or hospital (at the time or later) or where emergency services (including mountain rescue) attend or where there is a possibility of a serious injury (paralysis or loss of life) then you must as soon as possible:

  • Inform the parent/guardian,
  • Inform the GSL or DESC (for Explorer Scouts)
  • Inform the DC David Burge on 07748 644820

The GSL, or DESC, will contact Scout headquarters on 0845 300 1818 during opening hours to obtain a reporting form. The GSL or DESC will complete the form and return to HQ’s to cover any insurance claims and lessons learnt.

Additional information can be found in the “Safe Scouting and what to do in an Emergency (purple card)”

And Safety, health and life issues section on  and in POR Chapter 7

For serious injury (loss of life, prospect of loss of life, or paralysis) you must call the Duty Press Officer at HQ on 020 8433 7100.

Key Points

  • Do – keep a record of actions and communications.
  • Do – refer all news media to the Duty Media Officer.
  • Do – take care if the news media contact you. Seek support in these situations before talking to the media by calling the emergency support number.
  • Don’t – make any admission of liability.
  • Don’t – initiate contact with the news media.