District Team

Brighouse District Scouts has a team of volunteer commissioners who between them help support the leaders of the various groups and sections in Brighouse, they are also the interface between West Yorkshire County Scouts and the Group Scout Leaders.

Alongside the commissioners is also the District Executive and the District Appointments Committee.

If you would like to contact the team, please use the Contact Page.


District Team

Andy Robinson

District Commissioner

Mark Jay

District Network Commissioner

position vacant

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Chris Jay

District Explorer Scout Administrator

Adam Watson

District Youth Commissioner

position vacant

District Young Leader Leader

Heather Wood

Assistant District Commissioner – Squirrels

Debbie Pullen

Assistant District Commissioner – Beavers

position vacant

Assistant District Commissioner – Cubs

position vacant

Assistant District Commissioner – Scouts

District Executive

In addition to the District Commissioner roles above, the District Executive Committee also includes the following members:

David Burge

District Chair

Chris Jay

District Secretary

Margaret Knapton

District Treasurer

Allan Dowson

President (hon)

Executive Members (Elected):

Brian Reeves • Bradley Midgley • Debbie Pullen • Indra Parkinson • Heather Wood • Nicholas Watson • Julie Bramley • Fearne Robinson

District Support

Julie Bramley

District Badge Secretary

Training Advisors

Chris Jay

Local Training Manager (district)

Nicholas Watson

Nights Away Advisor

Margaret Knapton

Training Advisor (Central)

Brian Reeves

Training Advisor (Lightcliffe)

Colin Watson

Training Advisor (St Matthews)

Connor Michaels

Training Advisor (St Johns)

Rachel Atherton

Local Training Manager (Hove Edge)

Julie Bramley

Training Advisor (Bailiff Bridge)

Robert Stead

Training Advisor (St Annes)