Would you like to be part of a growing, active and outgoing group?

Great! Whatever your strengths, we’ll do our best to find a role that suits you, whether it’s on the front line, providing fun, friendship and adventure to Young People or behind the scenes possibly organising fundraising events or maintaining a hut and grounds.

At the moment our most pressing need in the district is for more Leaders and parent helpers – it isn’t as scary as it sounds so please, read on…

As a Leader you don’t need to start off knowing how to tie a bowline, light a fire without matches or navigate by the stars – as long as you’re willing to give things a try, you’ll pick up the required skills in no time and our experience team is always there to help you get started. The Scout Association also provides a starter pack with just about everything you could possibly need to know including a year’s worth of programmes: Cub Starter Pack

Still interested? Of course you are! Please complete the Enquiry Form and we’ll be happy to give you a call to discuss things further.