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Training is an essential part of being a member of scouting, to be successful you need to take some training and validate it with your Training Advisor (TA)

You can book training at:-

WY Scouts booking site is for the main modules for adults training this includes safeguarding and leadership training modules.

Click to book WY Scouts courses online (Leadership training and safeguarding etc)

Brighouse booking site is used for locally organised training such as first aid.

Click to book Brighouse District course’s online (first aid etc)

Learning Modules 

There are 37 modules in the Scout Association’s adult training programme. The link contains learners’ resources for each module.,223,235

Getting started

There are also online training courses available for modules 1 2 3 and GDPR otherwise known as getting started. you need to take and validate with your training advisor these three modules within 5 months of starting.

Links to Module 1 – including E learning for Leaders,223,235&moduleID=10

Links to Module 1 – including E learning for Executive Members,594&moduleID=10

Link to Module 2 PLP workbook,223,235&moduleID=10
link to Module 3 for leaders – including E learning,223,235&moduleID=10

Link to GDPR Training,888&moduleID=10

Safety/ Safeguarding / First Aid

Link to Ongoing learning – Safeguarding E-learning for those who need training

Link to Safety training e-learning course

First aid requirements, including acceptable training contents