Microsoft 365

Brighouse Scout District has provisioned Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for its groups and volunteers.

Read more about Microsoft 365 grants for non profits here:

Why use Microsoft 365 in your group?

As well as providing a private email address (see, our licences provide access to many other tools and services that can benefit you and your group:

Whether its using MS PowerPoint for slideshows and presentations, MS Excel for managing finances, MS SharePoint for the secure storage of event photographs or MS Forms for parent/guardian consent for activities, these tools can be used to make your role as a volunteer easier.

In addition to providing tools that will help you as a volunteer in the day-to-day running of your group, utilising MS Teams and MS SharePoint for the storage of your documents, photographs, etc. will enable greater collaboration within your group, and remove the ‘single point of failure’ when things like financial records are stored on a personal device (which could get lost or corrupted).

Interested in using it in your group?

Contact Chris Jay to discuss your group needs and get email address and licences provisioned for your group and its volunteers.


New to Microsoft 365 or unsure how to use it?

The district can provide guidance to help your group use the Microsoft 365 services you have been provisioned, or informal training sessions for upskilling your volunteers. Contact Chris Jay for more information.

Looking for more formal training?

Microsoft offers training and resources for nonprofits that might work for you: